You can see the most beautiful houses of Mugla’s civil architecture in Ula. Ula Houses and the deceased Nail Cakırhan were given the world known Aga Han Architecture awards. Akyaka was inspired by Ula Houses.

Ula houses are required to be investigated into two categories. Mansion type of houses where wealthy families reside and the other ones where the public reside. What these two kinds of houses have in common is that without exception all of them have gardens which consists of fruits and vegetables groves.

The typical characteristics of Ula Houses are two-storey, two-rooms, couches, 50 cm high flower walls that seperates fruit and vegetable gardens, water pump and pool, wood working, closet and ceiling ornamentation. These distinctive characters are good examples for the other hotels and the motels. We remember the deceased Nail Cakırhan with all our praise.