Imagine a quiet, tranquil, peaceful town leaning back on the green and facing the blue... Everything you eat and drink are from its nature, no environmental or noise pollution.

This is AKYAKA...

If you are looking for a quiet, tranquil holiday far from the crowd, AKYAKA is for you.

There is  Kadin Azmagı River close to Akyaka which is like a natural aquarium. You can get there by boats or walk. The cool river, plant cover under the water, fishes, turtles and the ducks on the river make you feel as if you can touch them. Sea otters (Lutra lutra) that are natural habitants are protected under the international authorities. Please make time on the bridge to look down at the river. Imagine yourself under the sea and look at the plants, colourful shingles and swimming fishes. There are quality restaurants set along the edge of the river to provide you mezes, aegean vetegetables and sea food options. Start your day with breakfast here or finish your day with dinner is giving you extraordinary pleasure. You will enjoy sharing your bread with the fishes or ducks on the river of the Aegean sea. Akyaka is a place that has white Akyaka Houses and rich historical places. You can be accommodated in a boutique hotels, apart hotels or a guest house with a sea view. These are your choices.