Sedir Island is one of the spectacular island in Akyaka, Ula.  It is also known as Cleopatra Island or Cleopatra Beach. It is located in the south part of Gokova Gulf. Sedir Island  is one of the islands which is full of ancient ruins. The ruins from Hellenistic and Roman periods facinate you as you walk around the island. The beach sands are formed at the time of jeological changes and is a unique beach in Turkey. These sands can also seen in Egypt. The beacn is under protection of the goverment. It is illegal to remove any sand from the beach. 

According to legend, the sands on the island that were brought by Cleopatra, that's why the island is called 'Cleopatra Island' or 'Cleopatra Beach'. It is said that Cleopatra and her lover Markus Antonius a senator from the Roman empire dated here.