Yatagan hosts two important world famous ancient cities; Lagina and Stratonikeia..this is another cultural and tourism centre. You can reach there from Cine; you pass by Cine valley which is surrounded by oleanders, large and small creeks and historical bridges whilst watching admiringly. Stratonikeia firstly meets you. You can have a rest by drinking your coffee under centuries-old plane trees at the entrance of Eskihisar village. You will go back in time on your journey to Stratonikeia 281 BC.

How about Lagina? The temple of Hekate, the ancient greek goddess of witchcraft, magic, sorcery, crossroads and moonlight, invites her visitors there. You cannot return without seeing the centuries old big tree in Bozoyuk or watching some camel wrestling.

Now tell me, are you ready to go?




Where am I?

Smile! You are in one of small, beautiful and pretty districts of Aegean Region.



Yatagan in south west Anatolia first takes place within the borders of Caria and then with the borders of Anatolian Beylik of Menteşe.


How to get?

Yatagan provides with a bridge connection due to its location on the main Milas-Mugla route.


Where to go

Do you know only Yatagan has a thermal power station? Think about it one more time...


What to eat?

Yatagan Cuisine offers the richest contents of the Mediterranean-style diet with combining Aegean spirits.


What to do?

Yatagan hosts many festivals and events every year.