The Monumental Plane Tree which continues to be the focus of attention, stands at Pınarbası facilities in Bozuyuk town of Yatagan district in Mugla. It continues to welcome visitors with its chillness and its cool shades. Anyone who visits the town of Bozuyuk and Pınarbası can see the giant-bodied plane tree and will not be able to hide their admiration. According to the result of scientific analysis, the tree is aged around 800 years old and gives not only its coolness but also healing to the visitors. Because of no modern medicine in its period its peel was used to heal burns and constipation medication and eye ointment; the roots are also used as an antidote against snake bites. Passing through the hallow of the giant bodied plane tree, making a wish comes true is believed by the local people. The size of the body of the giant plane tree is the same as 15 people holding hands. The sources of coolness and healing of the tree attracted Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent's attention. As he had stopped over Bozuyuk with his army during the expedition of Rhodes, he made his big tent under this tree and had a rest.

With the start of the decaying giant bodied plane tree about 10 years ago, after the result of  the attempts of the deceased  Ahmet Yuksel Mayor of Bozuyuk and Bugra Berkun, Institution's Director of GELI, Prof. Dr. Ilcin Aslanboga Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Landscape Architecture, and her team applied a new method. This is an orthopaedic operation on the tree by putting iron bars into the stem and branches, to prevent if falling apart. 'Anıt Agac' (Monumental Tree ) has been registered in 1996 by No 2' Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection Board of the Ministry of culture and it has been under protection ever since then.